14 October 2007

Okay, I have a video of the drawing action

Please ignore my complaining.

I need to keep this up more

Some new pix and narration to boot!

Let's start with a cute pose.

This is the Scrump learning the sign-language for "bath". Notice the rubbing of the belly. The book on the table is showing the sign to her and she is mimicking, nay, learning it.

I made Laurie a birthday card and tried to get Cecilia to give it to her. Instead she hauled off with it. (It's in her hands).

The Hollywood Scrump makes an appearance.

I don't know if this is a good thing. She is figuring out the pen. You can see her initial work on the tray. (Actually, that is my grocery list that she insisted on writing down a few other items on.)

The other side of the grocery list. This is now on our refrigerator. I am quite impressed with her pen strokes. They are fine and meticulous. She's only 13 months old.

We went to a petting zoo yesterday. She definitely loves animals. Though I don't think it's reciprocated.

Our pumpkin picks out another pumpkin.

23 July 2007

It Walks!

Hanging out on the couch with Dad.

This is why we now have latches on our cabinets

So much easier to walk around with her, now that she is almost walking. I used to have to hold both of her hands and straddle behind her while she took off to parts unknown.

Cecilia, becoming one with the couch.

The background there is just a micro-sampling of all the toys this kid owns.

A movie, all about peekabooing.

Lastly, as promised, a movie of the wee Scrump walking (barely, mind you).

07 July 2007

As Requested

Lastly, here is video of my daughter singing with me. (Sorry about the lack of a shirt on my part -- the video was taken kinda impromptuish.)

17 February 2007

Cecilia's blanket

Cecilia has been enjoying her downy blanket recently. Just to show the lady that made it (who will remain nameless to protect her identity) that it is, indeed being used.