14 October 2007

I need to keep this up more

Some new pix and narration to boot!

Let's start with a cute pose.

This is the Scrump learning the sign-language for "bath". Notice the rubbing of the belly. The book on the table is showing the sign to her and she is mimicking, nay, learning it.

I made Laurie a birthday card and tried to get Cecilia to give it to her. Instead she hauled off with it. (It's in her hands).

The Hollywood Scrump makes an appearance.

I don't know if this is a good thing. She is figuring out the pen. You can see her initial work on the tray. (Actually, that is my grocery list that she insisted on writing down a few other items on.)

The other side of the grocery list. This is now on our refrigerator. I am quite impressed with her pen strokes. They are fine and meticulous. She's only 13 months old.

We went to a petting zoo yesterday. She definitely loves animals. Though I don't think it's reciprocated.

Our pumpkin picks out another pumpkin.


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K said...

Extremely adorable! And from the sign language earlier on, it looks like she's saying that sheep needs a bath.

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